About Us

Stuart Lange

37 Years in the industry

I was raised in the Waikato and since 1986, have been a proud resident of Palmerston North. With my wife Sharon, we have 4 girls, 1 Grandchild (with 1 on the way), a Cat and 2 Dogs (the only other males in the house).


I started in the tyre industry in Hamilton at the age of 18 (1984) where I learnt the basics of tyre fitting before moving to Australia in my early twenties.

After a short time in Australia I was persuaded to move to Palmerston North and work for a little locally owned Tyre Company.


In February 2009 after 22 years’ service, I decided it was time to do my own thing, so along with my wife Sharon, and friend Stephen Mudford, we opened Right Tyre Service.


I am grateful for the support that Palmerston North and the greater Manawatu have shown us.


I truly enjoy what I do and get a huge amount of pleasure working with my team and our clients. Work is not a chore when you work and deal with great people.

Steven Mudford 

17 years in the industry

Stephen was raised in the Manawatu before moving to Porirua in his early teens where he spent his High School years.


At the age of 15 (1994) Stephen got a job with an independent tyre chain in Porirua before being transferred to Wellington. After three year he was given the opportunity to transfer back to the Manawatu where he has lived ever since. Since then he has made Palmerston North home again and he and his wife Lisa, have 3 young girl.


Stephen progressed through the ranks learning all aspects of the industry including wheel alignments and has managed several tyre stores during his career.

John Fow 

7 years in the industry

John Started in the tyre industry in 2002 at the age of 21 and is also an ex Waikato boy. Like Stuart he saw the light and moved to Palmerston North. John and his partner have 2 young boys.


John started in tyres soon after moving to Palmerston North and along the way he has gathered a huge amount of knowledge on tyres.


John also is experienced in wheel alignments so as a company we have this area well and truly covered.

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